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Oh Hi! It Me!

Sav Here, and I'm the Head Honcho of Revel + Style

formally known as The Perfect Pa'ina! 


I could give you the whole shpeel on why I decided to change the name but Long story short, REVEL + STYLE is so much more ME!


I'm born and raised in Hawai'i, and have a love for Fashion + Travel. Growing up my family would have parties for every occasion, and sometimes throwing one just because. As I got older I found myself finding every excuse to Celebrate and Decorate for anything and everything..

I found out pretty quickly how much Hawai'i lacked modern and stylish decor. I would go to multiple stores and leave empty handed and bummed resulting to ordering online only to have the products not arrive in time and not looking like the pictures... But Not Anymore!  


By hand picking modern, stylish, hip, fun and unique products from all over the world and bringing them to you.

Your Party just got that much easier. 


I hope that my dreams of creating Revel + Style  provides you the inspiration and tools to create an effortless party of your own! 

I mean, we even have Rentals... 

Let's just say The Person in The Top Photo isn't the same person in the bottom! She's grown so much since then!

Kinda like this business ! 



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